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This is an agreement made between Bloom Strong Coaches, representatives or affiliates ("Coach") and you, member or customer ("client"). Both parties agree to the following terms, responsibilities and conditions:


Coaching is a partnership (defined as an alliance, not a legal business partnership) between the Coach and the Client in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the Client to maximize personal and professional potential. Coaching facilitates the process of personal, professional, and/or spiritual development. Coaching is not, nor do we claim to be doctors, therapists and/or counselors.


As the COACH, I agree to:

  1. Listen, without judgement, and partner with you as we raise awareness and explore appropriate actions that may challenge you where you may be holding yourself back. As well as support and champion you as you move towards your goals and the results you want for yourself.

  2. Refrain from unlawful discrimination in occupational activities, including age, race, gender orientation, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, national origin or disability.

  3. Make verbal and written statements that are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and understanding.

  4. Strive at all times to recognize my personal experiences that may impair, conflict or interfere with my coaching performance or my professional coaching relationships. I will promptly seek and determine the action to be taken, including whether it is appropriate to suspend or terminate my coaching relationship(s) whenever the circumstances necessitate.

  5. Maintain, store and/or dispose of any records, including electronic files and communications created during my coaching engagements in a manner that promotes confidentiality, security, and privacy and complies with any applicable laws and agreements.

  6. Honor an equitable Coach/Client relationship, regardless of the form of compensation.

  7. Respect the Client’s right to terminate the coaching relationship at any point during the

    process, subject to the provisions of the agreement. I shall remain alert to indications

    that there is a shift in the value received from the coaching relationship.

  8. Hold responsibility for being aware of and setting clear, appropriate boundaries that

    govern interactions, physical or otherwise, I may have with my Client(s).

  9. Encourage the Client or sponsor (payee) to make a change if I believe the Client or

    sponsor would be better served by another coach or by another resource and suggest my Client seek the services of other professionals when deemed necessary or appropriate.

  10. Stay committed to my own learning and ongoing development in order to continuously improve my coaching skills, allowing me to always bring value to you as my Client.

  11. Be your accountability partner through this process, by sending questions and follow-ups that keep your mind engaged and actively pursuing the goals you desire. Therefore, holding you accountable to make changes that promote your full potential in personal, professional and/or spiritual development.

  12. Never claim to be qualified to diagnose or treat any medical or psychological condition. If there are medical or psychological factors at work in your life currently or should they become issues during our relationship, it is critical that you promptly seek the proper professional assistance.

  13. Maintain the strictest levels of confidentiality with all Client and sponsor information unless release is required by law, or the Client verbally expresses harming oneself or another.

  14. Have a clear agreement how coaching information will be exchanged among coach, Client and sponsor.

As the Client, I agree to:

  1. Communicate and remain honest, open, respectful and truthful at all times, to myself, Coach or other participants.

  2. Willing to adopt a more positive outlook on self and life.

  3. Ready to be fully accountable for my life/decisions/actions. I am responsible for my

    results. Success is directly related to my commitment and effort made. I will create the

    time and energy to participate fully in the program.

  4. Coaching relationship is a two-way confidentiality, as well as for other participants who

    may partake in the coaching sessions with me.

  5. Take responsibility for creating and managing his/her own physical, mental and

    emotional well-being and implementing decisions and actions. As such, the Client agrees that the coach is not and will not be liable for any action or inaction, or for any direct or indirect result of any services provided by the coach. Client understands that coaching is not therapy and does not substitute for therapy if needed, if does not prevent, cure or treat any mental disorder or medical disease.

  6. The amount and terms of payment discussed and outlined on my invoice.

  7. Acknowledge that coaching doesn’t give me answers, the answers lie within me and coaching offers a different outlook to see myself and the world differently than I may have prior to this relationship. Therefore, failure to engage or take action on my own

    behalf, will not lead to my full success. I, therefore, agree to take action when necessary,

    respect truth when revealed and complete all assignments with the best of my integrity.

  8. Understand the sessions are facilitative in nature and that any actions and decisions

    made by the Client are solely the responsibility of the Client. The coach, Ann Saad, Happy Saad Co. and/or any affiliates shall in no way be held liable or responsible for any actions taken or not taken by the Client. The coach makes no guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied, about any results to be achieved.

  9. Acknowledge and agree that in the course of the services the coach may ask the Client questions that may be personal, challenging or disturbing. The Client waives and releases any claims arising or resulting from these kinds of questions, actions or services.

  10. Confirm, I understand the details provided to me by the Coach, by signing this document and if I have any questions or concerns arise, it is my responsibility to bring them to the coaches attention for better understanding.

Coaching Session Procedures

All coaching sessions are conducted by telephone, video call and/or in-person. The Coach and Client commit to start and finish each session on time. If the Client is more than 15 minutes late for a coaching session, the Coach will assume the session is cancelled and the Client will be responsible for the session fee.

Coach will be available to Client by email or agreed upon method, in between scheduled sessions. Please allow 24 hours for a response or as defined by the coach. Any additional time needed, per Client’s request, will be at the rate of the Coach’s individual session cost.


    The coaching relationship is built on trust. The coach agrees to keep all conversations and information during sessions with the Client private and confidential and will not be shared with anyone except with the permission of the Client and/or required by law and/or that there is information expressed that would cause harm to oneself or another.

  • DISCLOSURE Some or all of the sessions will be recorded through note-taking or audio. The notes and audio recordings are used solely to help improve the coaching and enrich your experience and coaching and will not be shared without consent by you.  

  • Bloom Strong Academy is founded and operates on christian faith. However, we respect everyone and their spiritual journey. 


    You are billed for the entire coaching package or billed at the 1st of each month prior to the sessions starting. Payment is required prior to any session taking place. Not including the initial 30 min. discovery call, which is free.


    All coaching sessions and packages are a final sale and are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be placed on hold once sessions have begun. 

    Client agrees that it is the Client’s responsibility to notify the coach 24 hours in advance of the scheduled session. Coach reserves the right to bill Client for a missed meeting if not notified 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. Coach will attempt in good faith to reschedule the missed meeting.


    Either the Client or the Coach may terminate this agreement at any time via a written letter. If the Coach chooses to terminate, with respect to a written understanding why, the unused sessions will be refunded to the payee. If the Client chooses to terminate, all sessions paid for are final sale and there will be no refund.


Except as expressly provided in this agreement, the coach makes no guarantees or warranties expressed or implied. Under no circumstances will the Coach be liable to the Client for consequential or special damages. Notwithstanding any damages that the Client may incur, the Coach’s entire liability under this agreement, and the Client’s exclusive remedy, will be limited to the amount paid by the Client to the Coach under this agreement for all services rendered up until the termination date.

This is the entire agreement of the parties and reflects a complete understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter. This agreement supersedes all prior written and oral representations.

*Just a friendly reminder that ALL Bloom Strong Documents are owned solely for the use of and by Bloom Strong Academy. The name and material cannot be reproduced in any form without permission. Thank you for not sharing electronically or making copies for anyone, unless permitted. Coaching and Mentoring fees are subject to change at any time.

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