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Image by Christina Deravedisian

     Compassion                                   Belovedness                                   Freedom                           

Let love uncover what has been there all along.....

Bloom Strong was birthed through the undoing of worldly pressures in my life and the total surrender of my ways for His ways.


 I walk with women one on one, to partner with the Lord to fill, strengthen and heal them mind, body and soul.  To help them see and cling to the illumination of hope and promise the Lord holds before them, even in the middle of their pain.


I hope you find  the support you need to continue creating a life that keeps your soul rooted in Him and your mind and body in balanced alignment with all He created for you to receive from Him in the fullness of His love.

Love , Elizabeth Chritton

You Are His Beloved.

"I Want to Support What God is Doing Here"
Thank you so much for your financial sowing into Bloom Strong. If you are supporting with a one time donation or are looking to jump into the Bloom Strong Community with a recurring monthly donation of your choice amount, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
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